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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  April 2, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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accusers who seem to indicate a pattern of behavior on the part of the vice-president. he will have to address it in person. >> martha: thank you very much. tucker is up next. >> ♪ >> tucker: good evening. welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." donald trump ran on the promise he will secure our southern border when he ran in 2016. he ran on obamacare and ending the iran deal. but immigration resonated. no other candidate said anything like it and the voters loved and shouted build that wall. entire populations from latin american are moving north. in february authorities apprehended 76,000 arrivals and last month that ballooned to
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100,000. they come because they know they can come. our current system can't stop them. if illegal immigrants show up here with children, they will never be deported. close to 100% of families that came across the border last year are still here. they know the script. even cnn can't lie about it anymore. yesterday, to his credit, one of their anchors went to the border and talked to people trying to cross illegally into the u.s. watch this conversation. the most honest thing that has run on cnn a long time. >> why did he take his kid here with him if it's just to work. >> [speaking foreign language].
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>> he said if he comes here with his son, he is allowed to stay. he thinks he is allowed to stay. >> [speaking spanish]. e >> [speaking spanish]. e >> this is word of mouth. if you bring your kid, you can get in? >> tucker: our current political class has pretended this is not true. in central america they know it's true. come to america and bring your kids. free healthcare and school. if you lived in honduras you would come here too. they know we are happy to give our country away. lawmakers are allowing this to happen. they could close the loopholes in an hour and likely won't do
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it. the invasion's effect on normal americans and the fentanyl crisis they don't care. the chamber of commerce tells us everything is fine. democrats rejoice in the scale of this disaster. more illegal immigration means more power for them. everyone running for the democratic nomination agrees on this. >> would you take the wall down now here? >> yes, absolutely. >> offer a home to refugees. that's our values. that's part what have we do. >> instead of building a wall or closing the border, we should choose compassion instead of cruelty. >> we welcome refugees and bring people out of the shadows. >> spending 5.7-billion dollars on a wall is not an effective use of tax dollars.
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>> when we talk about border security. there are better ways to do it. >> immigration is not a security issue. it's an economic and humanitarian and family issue. there is no such thing as an illegal human. >> tucker: said the sitting united states senator. so congress is not going to fix this. big cities are sanctuary cities for illegal immigrants. to protect the border is the job of the executive branch. kirstjen nielsen secretary of homeland security. she joins us now. thanks for coming on. what is the executive branch doing now to fix this? >> well, you probably don't have enough time to tell you all of the things. as you said, the president predicted this as a candidate and before he was a candidate. he continues to show leadership and to raise the alarm bells.
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only now are we seeing a mainstream press say there is a crisis. we announced we are sending more people to mexico and pulling folks from the ports of entry. coming here illegally is a crime to come between ports of entry. to stop them and provide humanitarian assistance. the smugglers are thicker than we have ever seen before. >> tucker: will we see an executive order from the white house to make this verified nationwide and punish employers who encourage illegal immigrants to come into the country. that's part of the problem. many of the people coming are economic migrants. they are not seeking asylum.
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many have been given magic words to come in and get a job and take that job away from americans. we made it easier for employers to comply. we want to do everything in the system to apply penalties. >> tucker: why wouldn't your agency write an executive order and have the president sign it and do it tomorrow? >> everything it on the table. we will do everything we can within our authority. >> tucker: what is the argument against doing that? >> there is a debate in congress whether the executive branch has the authority to do that. right now it's voluntary. it's one of many issues we are looking to work with congress on. >> tucker: you probably have fresher knowledge than we do out here, it looks like congress won't act because one party is of has a vested interest in
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changing the population and the other party is controlled by people who illegal immigrants. would there be a down side for the president to act on that question or birth right citizen? would you draft an executive order rejecting that? >> that's all on the table and closing the border. we have to stop the drugs and smuggling and gangs. everything is on the table. in the meantime. i remain optimistic. i refuse to believe that the united states congress will not act. it's not a partisan issue. >> tucker: of course i agree. we spent countless hours making that exact point. you have a president who ran on the promise, the central promise of this campaign to secure the border and things seem less under control now than they did
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then. the answer is congress won't act. everyone knows they won't act. it seems like buck passing. if you see what i mean? >> i do. you mentioned the courts. we have a lot of in my opinion quick decisions that do not understand the full situation, the operational realities we face every day. it's also the criminals. the smugglers are more active than ever before in advertising how to come into this country with a child. we broke up child recycling rings in the last couple of months where smug smugglers kidnap a child and give it to an adult. we can only hold families for 20 days. they send the child back and bring the child back with another fake family. we are working to crackdown on the gangs and smuggling and
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trafficking. the president can't be any clearer: we will take every action within his authority to stop this flow. >> tucker: does the u.s. government know how many people are living in in country illegally? what is the real number? >> we debate it. >> tucker: we don't know? >> no. part is because we do not have the wall that the president continues to advocate for. we can't tell who you is crossing the border. >> tucker: you run a law enforcement agency. >> the largest in the country. >> tucker: probably in the world. >> probably. >> tucker: that must be a grave concern to you. that we have more than 10 million people here whose identities we don't. it could be over 20. and they could be anybody.
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why is that not the single most pressing problem the country has? >> in my opinion this is one of if not the biggest crisis this country has faced in a decades. the security and humanitarian aspects have to be addressed. this is the top of our list. we announced we are not treating this like a cat-5 hurricane disaster. we are asking everybody to chip in. we need to get as many resources as we can to the border. congress needs to look at this as a hurricane too. >> tucker: i have covered hurricanes and you see men in uniform with rifles and the national guard there. i read background quotes that said that's a frivolous duty for us. we have a real duty in syria.
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why not put the u.s. military on our border if that's a crisis of that magnitude? >> we are looking into that. we made the request. we are in contact with the acting secretary of defense. we are pushing more and more military resources to the border. >> tucker: who is in charge? the president is the commander-in-chief. would it be possible for him to say we are moving troops to the border tomorrow. he could say we are moving troops to venezuela but he can't do it to our own border? >> he has full authority to defend our country. that's what he is moving to do. his statements about closing the border are a perfect example. we will take all action to do this. it's on the table. we for discussions about moving more troops down now. working with the national guard and the states. dod plays a huge part. >> tucker: one last question. why is it that the press, many in congress don't seem to
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recognize the magnitude of this? do you think they don't the details or don't care? do you want to speculate as to why can? >> look, at this point i will be blunt. i think they are blinded by politics. they are blinded for what they see as a request for this administration instead of looking at the request and the way it directly affects americans. last year "ice" brought in enough fentanyl to kill every american 4 times. the effects on america can't be under-stated. >> tucker: i agree. do we know how much got through? >> we do not. but the president received additional resources at the border to interdict drugs. the facts don't lie. i don't believe they don't see it. they are choosing to ignore. it the more americans who suffer, they will have to look
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at this sooner rather than later. >> tucker: thank you very much. e brit hume joins us. you heard the dhs secretary describe our immigration system as a massive cat-5 hurricane disaster. it doesn't seem like anyone in washington is acting like it's that? >> the president is trying. he is talking about closing the border. he is doing what he can. he never stopped talking about this issue. there is a problem, though. as you pointed out, tucker, the media are only now awakening to the fact when the president said there was an emergency at the border, that he was absolutely right. the circumstances that you described of the confluence of the state of our laws and leaving our border vulnerable to
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people who show up claiming asylum. that's not the way it used to work. it used to be single men sneaking across the border. now it's very different. the combination of our laws and how the courts interpret them leave us defenseless against this surge of migrants across the border. it requires a change in the law. the democrats do not want to play along. they may be awakening to the fact that people are upset about this. they have two reasons. one is they believe that we are this great land that should take care of the down trodden people of the earth. these people who come from central america are among the down trodden people of the earth. those places are terrible and they are making a harrowing journey to get here. the second reason is political. they believe these are the kinds of people if they are the
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compassionate party that lets them in the country they will vote democrat. it may be getting so bad they will have to do something. that's been the situation. >> tucker: you heard the secretary say and we knew this, but strikeing to hear a senior official admit. we have no idea how many foreign nationals are living illegally within our borders. how can that be? >> for one thing, they melt away into the interior. we lose track of them. people get deported and sneak back in. we don't know how many people crossed the border that didn't come through a port of entry. this current group is more likely to be able to be counted because they are not trying to sneak in. they are trying to get on american soil and give themselves up knowing they can't be immediately deported. that gets to the question about
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the administration wanted to put on the census form whether you are an american citizen. that's been blocked so far. that would be one way to do it. >> tucker: it would be. and another way to address the problem would be to penalize people from making the problem worse. you would make e-vertie national. -- e-verify national. why not do that by executive order? >> what she said it seems like there are legal issues involved. it makes sense to do that. every bill that is ever offered, you can't pass one, has that provision in it to make e-verify universal. >> tucker: the previous president had no problem increasing illegal immigrants
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with executive orders? >> now we have too much illegal immigration which nobody says they favor. we also have too much legal immigration. we obviously don't have a hardheaded immigration policy. the people we admit meet some criteria of likely to succeed here and make a contribution to society. the most hardheaded policy of all, you could never enact it, where your likelihood of being able to stay would depend on how hard it was for to you get here. like the vietnamies people who crossed in boats and made an enormous contribution to our country. it's not clear the people coming from central america might not be make excellent citizens, but they melt away into the interior
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and we lose track of them. >> tucker: if you begin your time here scamming our system, that's not a good way to start. brit hume, thank you very much. the sheriff in colorado said he will go to jail before he enforces the law he believes is unconstitutional. a law to take guns away from law abiding citizens without due process. and new developments tonight in the on-going saga of jussie smollett. that's ahead. our grandparents checked their smartphones
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>> tucker: lawmakers in colorado are considering a red flag bill on firearms. the legislation would allow the seizure of guns from law abiding citizens. the only requirement is that somebody petitions a judge that the person poses a dangerous. no due process. the sheriff of wells county says the law would be unconstitutional and he won't enforce it and go to jail if forced to. >> if the bill becomes law, i don't have the option to enforce this. i think it violate the constitution and that in turn would force me to violate my oath of office. >> tucker: a tv host joins us tonight. thanks for coming on.
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the second amendment can be stripped from a citizen without due process? >> well, the problem is that you have a group of people in this country who understand the power and the influence of the second amendment which gives the power to the people. talking about a group of people who want to exercise control, that's going to be the biggest threat to. that what do you do? you come up with laws that create a fake due process to take that right away from people. that's what this is. it's a tofu due process. >> tucker: [laughing]. that's what it is. we have a process. no one is arguing that the mentally ill ought to be waving guns around. we have a process for disarming them. if you commit a crime and you are convicted, you don't get to possess a firearm. that's in place. anyone suggesting a process for taking away your right to vote
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without a trial? >> not that i am aware of. >> tucker: hmmm. if we don't trust to you have a gun, why would we trust you to choose our leaders? >> exactly. that's what i am saying. it's as if they are trying to create a minority report system in america. there is an element in this country that doesn't like the idea of the second amendment. that's fine. but it's still a constitutional right. we have to abide by that. that means you have to afford me due process when you want to take that right away from me. that's the way this country works. >> tucker: right and you would think people that went to law school as almost everyone running for president did, booker went to yale law school. you are releasing a new video about his rhetoric. we have a preview right here.
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>> cory booker is a modern-day spartacus. he is more like a constitutional body guard. it's okay for us but not for you. you admit the gun laws don't stop criminals from getting guns. >> they don't come from qualified gun orders. >> the only people who will have guns will be the criminals. >> tucker: that video is on our facebook page. it's excellent. i loved your point about the oligarchy. he is not suggesting that his body guards disarm?
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>> no, not at all. the second amendment in new jersey is practically does. he is supposed to be a protector of the constitution? this is the guy we want running our country when he doesn't respect the second amendment? this is supposed to be spartacus. it's a joke. the same joke with the red flag laws that have due process. they don't. >> tucker: every politician i am aware of in new jersey has armed state employees around him. in newark or camden or one of the poor places in that state, you can't defend yourself. >> exactly. it's straight up and down elitism. it's saying i am important enough to be protected by guns. you are not. i don't want you to even have guns to use them against me because they make me feel
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uncomfortable with regular people having firearms. that's with respect to new jersey. this is the same person who wants to bring it to a national levelism am not for it. >> tucker: yeah, you disarm first. thank you. good to see you tonight. >> thanks for having me. >> tucker: jim comey appeared on cnn but he was not the least impressive person. that went to cnn's chief international anchor. she asked comey why the fbi did not move to suppress information about hillary clinton. watch. >> lock her up was a feature of the trump campaign. do you wish people like yourself and the people in charge of law and order had shutdown that language, that it was dangerous? that it could have created
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violence? it's hate speech. should that have been allowed? >> that's not a role for government to play. the beauty of this country is people can say what they want even if it's misleading. >> tucker: according to cnn's most famous anchor federal agents with guns should have arrested anyone criticizing hillary clinton because it was hate speech. she said that on television. that's what she thinks. that's what a lot of people on the left think. the same people calling a fascist because you don't believe in global warming. they want the fbi to arrest you for saying the one thing. let's pray they never get power. democrats are now the party of
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"me too." they believe all women and yet the virginia lieutenant government is still in office. joe biden has new accusations against him. some came in 20 minutes ago. what is going on over there? that's after the break. visionworks can do more than just make you see great.
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the right pair of glasses can make you look amazing, too. get two complete pairs of single vision glasses for $59 or two progressives for $99. and choose from over 500 frames. visionworks. we're here to help you. >> tucker: joe biden spent decades sniffing the hair of
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strangers and delivering unwanted eskimo kisses. two more women said their touching made them uncomfortable. he is being attacked by some but nancy pelosi and others defended the former vice-president. democrats are not demanding he stay out of the race. bind could survive these stories. the virginia lieutenant governor is still combating sexual assaults investigations from two women. one said he preyed on her because she was assaulted before. thanks for coming on. i think there is a lot to criticize about joe biden. i think he is weird. i think behavior is creepy but i don't want to livenia country because people are afraid to hug
5:34 pm
each other. i think that's a good thing. i think the democratic party is hypocritical and power hungry. i hope you will sort out these stories. >> what joe biden is doing the average man at work would be fired. there is a difference between hugging somebody and in in biden's case, in the new case and in the flores case, there was restraint and he restrained her by her shoulders. in other cases he retrains women by holding their jaw line or neck area. miss flores, the "washington post" said he placed his hands on her shoulders. he was restraining her. his face moved into her hair. it was an intimate action you would normally reserve for loved
5:35 pm
ones. a spouse or someone you know and love. then after a while slowly kissed the back of her head. that's not hugging someone. you can also hug a man. what we have never seen joe biden do is that same thing to a man. maybe he doesn't want to be punched in a nose. my advice to people in companies if you would not do it to a man, don't do it a woman. that's a gauge if something is appropriate. this is not brain surgery. it's not about even your own intention. if you would do something, if someone is recoiling and you have to restrain them to do it, if you are doing it from behind, if you are -- this is fascinating with the democratic party -- there are men like
5:36 pm
harvey weinstein with issues of rape and other issues with mr. fairfax. these many claim to be champions for women. like joe biden with the violence against women act. that's the defense that the defenders use. look at what they have done from us. that kept women from feeling comfortable talking about the nature of what happened to them. it's an interesting dynamic. >> tucker: you just changed my mind on it completely. tammy, great to see you. jussie smollett fake hate crime is not the first time he played around with a noose to make a political statement. a great update on that story after the break.
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>> ♪ >> tucker: jussie smollett fired two men to pour bleach on him and wrap a noose around his neck. maybe trying to boost his career and stoked race hatred to do it. not the first time he used a news. a new music video that was old but recently dug up of jussie smollett showed he used a noose before. matt has the latest. >> jussie smollett's 2017 music video shows a president trump mask being run over and a man with a noose behind his neck. similar seems to smollett's alleged hate crime here in chicago. >> ♪
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>> the music shows the president trump mask being run over and said it's a messed up world because president trump is president. he said build a wall. never going to build a wall. jussie smollett reported that his attackers in chicago were president trump supporters who put a noose around his neck and why would this is maga country. smollett said he was targeted because of his activism against the president. chicago's mayor called smollett a liar. and there is a federal investigation into a letter that they say smollett sent himself. chicago is asking that smollett pay restitution. if he didn't pay within 7 days
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it might bring new charges against the actors. >> tucker: matt, thanks. the southern poverty law center lost its founder and president after multiple allegations that the organization they ran was a hot bed of sexual harassment and racism. that's not their only problem. they called themselves an anti-hate organization but they resemble a racket. they have amassed over half a billion dollars by calling anyone against the democratic party a racist or whatever works. they get an indirect government support because they are a tax exempt entity. senator cotton asked for an
5:43 pm
investigation into their tax exempt status. they have a half billion dollars endowment. how are they tax exempt? >> a quarter is parked in overseas accounts as best we can will. i don't know many charities that send your endowment overseas. charity watch gives them an f rating. they have become a hate group themselves and use that to stigmatize opponents. there are plenty of groups on the left i don't agree with but i don't stigmatize them as a hate group and pedal that to cnn and the "new york times." >> tucker: of course. if you are a fraudulent
5:44 pm
organization that mismiss your money, how do you keep your tax exempt status? >> that's what i am asking congress to investigate them. talk about mis using funds. the founder was paid $400,000 a year. they do nothing other than sexual harass young women working in the southern poverty law center. >> tucker: and according to its own employees commit act of racism as they claim to fight racism. once you receive tax exemption do you keep it forever? >> they are asked to review it.
5:45 pm
they were founded decades ago. claim their role was to eliminate jim crow and segregation. now they are a serial inflamer of their opponents. >> tucker: what about media matters who coordinated with the hillary clinton for president campaign in violation of tax laws but they retain their status. >> tax exempt charities should not coordinate in any political activity. that says something about the southern poverty law center that they hired the jussie smollett fixer and michelle obama's former chief of staff to take advantage of the $500 million they have and form a super pac to attack the president next year in the election. >> tucker: there is no body that
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can audit them? >> it needs an audit very badly. i open the irs will do that and unveil to the american people that the southern poverty law center is nothing but a racket. it slanders political opponents. >> tucker: the irs was caught under president obama hurting conservatives for political reasons and no one was punished for that. can you get them to pay attention to your request? >> i hope we can. the letter i sent today is the just the first step i am takeing to get the irs focussed on this serious problem. a so-called charity that has racism and sexual discrimination problems. it's using that money to target political opponents. that's not what american taxpayers are subsidizing with tax exempt status.
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not to sexually harass every woman in your office and discriminate against migrants. >> tucker: it would be nice to get the doj over there. senator cot know, great to see you tonight. thank you very much. opportunity loans have crushed an entire generation of americans. colleges are richer than ever. shouldn't they have skin in the game? we will debate that with a college professor after the break.
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>> tucker: america's total student loan exceeds 1.5-trillion dollars. that falls on this country's middle-class young people. the group least able to afford. it the average graduate owes $40,000 by the time college is over. many owe hundreds of thousands. some never receive degrees and still owe the money. student loans are the only form of debt not erased by tryptase. kids -- bankruptcy. kids are stuck with it for life. colleges love this deal. there is no risk to them. they doubled their administrative staffs. it's hard to see why this is not a scam. here's an easy fix.
5:52 pm
make colleges co-sign student loans. what is the argument against that. we invited austin who chaired barack obama's financial committee. how do we have a system for colleges there is only up side? they get federally backed student loans and got rich from it. they share no risk. why wouldn't colleges co-sign student loans for students? >> i applaud your paying attention to this. getting people a higher level of education is one of the most important things for economic growth in this country. i think you have gotten a little off track on the details. the first is, not for profit
5:53 pm
universities don't get rich. for profit educational institutions have a disproportionate share of the student defaults. that's one of the biggest problems. >> tucker: haven't gotten rich. you work at a university that has an 8.2-billion dollars endowment whose president makes $2 million a year. you have gotten rich from it. the university of chicago 40% of the people in your neighborhood are below the poverty line unemployment are rich from it. students have to live with the depth for the rest of their lives. >> why not put co-signing responsibilities on to the university? because that would leave the universities to then do a credit check and deny the student loans
5:54 pm
to the kinds of people who don't have family income. they would become a high risk credit. >> tucker: why would the university of chicago discriminate against poor people with bad credit history? >> it's not discrimination. tucker, as you know, when they use the endowment for financial aid, that's a different proposition than co-signing for a loan. >> tucker: no, no. this question is really important. you are not answering it. you can't co-sign the loan because you would discriminate people who might not pay you back? >> [overlapping talking]. >> you want to take the lowest financial risk if you are signing up financial aid. the university of chicago doesn't make the loans. >> tucker: the u.s. government thanks to obama and u.s. taxpayer back those loans up.
5:55 pm
>> [overlapping talking]. >> tucker: because of lobbying from you guys kids are stuck with these loans. >> you are right. >> tucker: i am right. >> to be concerned about the for-profit education. >> tucker: i am right to call you out about this scam. i am asking, you work at a school with an 8.2-billion dollars endowment in one of the poorest neighborhood in the country. you won't co-sign the loans because you don't feel like it. maybe you could help a little bit. >> if you want to make the pay back of loans that you would get forgiveness of loans if you entered a public sector job or where your future income would not be high, that's a valid
5:56 pm
point. >> tucker: why aren't you helping. as you walk out of the university of chicago into a neighborhood where 40% of the people live below the poverty line. can they eat in the cafeteria? >> they can go to taco bell. >> tucker: can they go to college? >> tucker you went to elite schools. >> tucker: what are you doing to help. >> it's open to the public. >> tucker: poor people can go to your classes in chicago. just walk in and go? >> if they are enrolled as students. >> tucker: okay. >> the majority of students in
5:57 pm
this country in colleges are in junior colleges. >> tucker: but the most prosperous colleges. >> schools like the ones you went to or the ones i went to are not like the problem. >> it's not a problem for you. >> here we go again. you want to tax endowment. >> tucker: i don't want to tax. stop lecturing america. >> spare me the drama. you went to the elite schools. >> tucker: i did. that's how i know this is a
5:58 pm
scam. tuition raised much faster than inflation. university of chicago is $77,000 as of today. why didn't you keep it down to $30,000 when you have 8.2-billion dollars in your endowment. >> they have given financial aid to people with middle and low income so they don't pay that list price. i don't think people like who you can afford to pay the full amount should have your children going with the subsidy from the other students. >> tucker: it's not just me. >> [overlapping talking]. >> tucker: you are ripping them off and you know you are. >> [overlapping talking]. >> with a college degree you make 25,000 more a year. >> tucker: that's true in some
5:59 pm
places. >> that's an average. >> tucker: 50% of fly attendants have college degrees. tell me it's a good deal for them. >> i agree with you. reinstate the gainful employment rule so people who can't make the money to pay off their loans don't get ripped off. >> tucker: i wish we had more time. that's it for us. another hour gone. we will be back tomorrow. 8 p.m. the show that is the sworn enemy of of lying, pomposity, smugness and group think. on the one channel when anchors get to say where they really think. there is no party line. we are free. grateful you are watching that channel. a special surprise for you tonight. at 9 o'clock this evening, 18 seconds from now.
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from new york city. a man we call sean hannity. >> sean: he is the nicest guy. he is wrong on everything! it's unbelievable. >> tucker: it's a scam! 8.2-billion dollars in their endowment and crushing a generation with student debt. >> sean: great show. welcome to "hannity." buckle up. a system wide meltdown at our southern border. this is real. that according to senior dhs officials. sounding the alarm about the real crisis spiralag out of control. illegal immigration is surging. border patrol is expected to make 100,000 apprehension this is month alone. the majority taken into custody are family unit with minors. one senior official told fox news that the volume of migrants is unsustainable.


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